sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Take Him Away

This is my own and personal version of "Take me Away" of Barlow Girls this week. Not everybody will understand but it's my blog and today I wanna post this.

Take Him Away

Pushing his way through these crowded streets
Trying not to be swept away
Fighting just to keep this crowd from
Hiding You another day

So maybe this time he'll find You
And maybe this time he'll push through
To see You today, today

Won't You take him away?
Won't You take him away?
'Cause he needs some time to get away
Where only You could ever
Take him away, away, away

Too many days he has been distracted
Watched these crowds push You away
He's so tired of feeling empty
Without You he wastes these days

So maybe this time he'll find You
Just don't stop calling him to You
And he'll find his way today.

If you want to hear the original version  click here.

Um comentário:

Cíntia Mara disse...

Acabei de descobrir que eu não tenho o Another Jornal Entry completo. Nunca tinha ouvido essa música. Claro que gostei.

Ah, eu entendi o post e só digo uma coisa: Amém ;)